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Unique Promotional Products

Custom Badges & Pins

Using metal allows lots of different promotional items to be made with different enamel decorations and the whole range of electroplating metal finishes creating wonderful quality, long lasting promotional items.


CUSTOM BADGES & PINS  Click picture to see the group            Cloisonne hard enamel pins and badges_15937Synthetic Enamel Badges and Pins_15952 Soft Enamel Badges and pins_14077Soft Enamel Badges on IRON_14090  

                Hard Enamel       Synthetic Enamel  Soft enamel on Brass        on Iron

Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14070LED Flashing Pins & Badges_14114Offset Printed pin badge_15087_smallSlik Screen printing on badges _ 14334

             Soft enamel on Copper     LED Badge     Offset Printing       Silk Screen Printing

*These designs are for reference only.

** Get more information on Metal Enamel and Printed Badges here!

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