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Offset Printed Pins & Badges

The offset pinting process enables Metalmaster to print designs with gradiant colours such as photos, paintings, lithographies, ... The offset printing industry resolution standard is 125 lines per inch, Metalmaster can acheives 250 lines per inch resolution on prints. Epoxy coating will be applied to enhanced protection.

Offset Printed pin badge_15088_smallOffset Printed pin badge_15087_smallOffset Printed pin badge_15086_smallOffset Printed pin badge_14333_Small Offset Printed pin badge_14332_smallOffset Printed pin badge_14331_smallOffset Printed pin badge_14330_smallOffset Printed pin badge_14329_small

*Please note that these designs are for reference only.


Laser / Silk Screen Printed Pins

Laser printing and silk screen printing methods are genarally done on a flat metal base, most commonly on aluminium or brass. Each colour would be applied as a print, one at a time. These pins and badges that are printed by these methods are generally spot colours with precise and identifiable number of colours, and do not require any plating. An epoxy coating should be applied to protect the print. This process is also known in Europe as "Serigraphy".

Process: Laser / Silk Screen Printing

Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14334Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14335Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14336Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14337 Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14338Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14339Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14340Slik Screen printing on badges _ 14341

*Please note that these designs are for reference only.

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