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Soft Enamel badges on Copper

Soft Enamel process is another substitute to real Cloisonn├ę and probably the most commonly used. It differs by the colouring technique. The colours do not completely fill the the cavities and the metal borders are much more visible. This process is also frequently used for items with no colouring and with 3D relief.

Process: Copper stamped with Soft Enamel

*These designs are for reference only.
Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14073Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14072Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14071Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14070
Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14068Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14067Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14066Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14065

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  Soft Enamel Badge 0n COPPER_14064 

Butterfly clutch 613  613 (refer to Attachments section)

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