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Manufacturing Processes for

Badges & Keyrings

Copper Stamped with Hard Enamel (Cloisonne)


Copper Stamped with Synthetic Enamel


Copper Stamped with Soft Enamel

Copper Stamped with HardEnamel (Cloisonne), is a traditional process which provides the hardest wearing finish on metal items such as keyrings, badges and nameplates.

Hard enamel is composed of glass-like material combined with metal oxide and clay into a fine powder. Each enamel colour is oven baked separately at 1600°F for
4 minutes to stablilise the enamel and prevent colour bleeding. Hard enamel allows for superior quality metal items.


Copper Stamped with Synthetic Enamel is the perfect process for the customer who requires high quality, reasonable price and a wider range of colour choices. Enamel can be mixed to create hundreds of Pantone® colour chart variations.
Copper Stamped with Soft Enamel, used as a premium cost-effective method of producing keyrings and badges.

A Pantone® colour chart is used as a reference for spot colours.

With Soft Enamel, very fine detail can be acheived.

With a wide range of plating options available, makes soft enamel ideal choice for promotional items.


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Silk Screen Printing


Die Stamped


Brass Photo Etched + Soft Enamel

  Metal Keyring Die Stamped  

Badge - Brass Etched + Soft Enamel

Silk screen printing can be used to print directly onto Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminium using a pantone colour chart system for spot colours only. An epoxy coating is usually recommended to protect the print. Artwork is best supplied as colour seperated.   Die Stamped process allows an embossed or a blind embossed impression to be acheived directly onto metal. Die stamped metal items can be plated in various finishes such as antique or mirror polished.   Photo Etched with soft enamel allows for a very fine image detail. This process uses a photo-graphic negative and acid process to etch the image.

We recommend an additional epoxy coating to protect.

Offset Printing


Zinc Alloy Die Casting


Spin Casting

affordable keyrings in high volumes

Offset Printing allows full colour print in CMYK format and a litho-photo quality finish. Resin coating is normally specified to protect the print. 

3D Keyring in Zinc Alloy

Zinc Alloy Die Casting is ideally suited for creating 3D metal item designs. Metalmaster's 3D modelling capability allow us to convert 2D image into 3D promotional products.

Metal objects with high definition and detail can be produced with this process.   

Metal Items in 3D

Spin cast metal objects made from pewter or zinc alloy is another way to produce 3 dimensional products and awards.

In terms of metal options - Pewter is softer but heavier and suited for an antique finish. Whereas, Zinc alloy is harder, slightly lighter and can acheive a much smoother metal-surface quality.

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