Printed Metal Paper Clip

Logo Paperclip – Clippa

Clippa Clips™ from Metalmaster are an affordable and durable stainless steel promotional printed logo paperclip – an ideal promotional item deployed for cost-effective corporate giveaways and high volume marketing mailers. The Clippa Clip™ such as the Letterclip™and the Meomclip is another innovative and unique promotional item made by Metalmaster.

Promotional Product Definintion- Clippa Clip
Simply put Clippa Clip™ is a quality stainless steel custom logo printable clip available in a variety of shapes and gift packaging options.

” Clippa Clip is so good customers will keep company-branded Clippa Clipfor themselves!”

Clippa Clip– Promotional Item Function
Clippa Clip™ is the ideal way to display a logo or company name in colour and style. Affordable marketing (with a touch of class) is simply acheived by attaching a Clippa Clip™  like a LetterClip™ or Memoclip™ to outgoing documents and business correspondance.

Low Cost Marketing Mailers –

The ideal promotional item:
‘Featherlight’ and flat, made in quality stainless steel, Clippa Clip™  is not only postage friendly it is also franking machine compatible.



Longer Lasting Impressions with the LetterClip™Range…

Your name, logo and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as Clippa clips since they are rarely thrown away! Letterclip is a superb way to ensure business contacts and prospective clients are constantly reminded of your company.



Printed with a product name or slogan, Logo Clips™ can play an very important role with introductions and cost effective promotions.

Customer Feeedback indicates responses to direct mail increases
when using Clippa Clip.

Consider using Clippa Clip™ in your daily correspondence because it will immediately attract valuable extra attention.

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Clippa Clip™ Promotional printed metal logo paper clip Rating:
Unit Cost: Very Low
Marketing Impact: High.
Durability: Excellent

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